Sónia Cristina


Address: CIMA – Centre for Marine and Environmental Research, FCT, Ed.7, 1, Room nº 1.72, University of Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, 8005-139 Faro - Portugal

Email: cristina.scv@gmail.com


Short Biography: 

Sónia Cristina joined Centre of Marine and Environmental Investigation (CIMA) of the University of Algarve in 2005. As part of the MERIS Validation Team (MVT) since 2008, her research has been related to the optical properties of the seawater and the validation of ocean colour sensors, operating radiometric equipment over several validation campaigns. Since the beginning of January 2012 SC has been funded by the Portuguese FCT for an Erasmus Mundus doctoral programme between the University of Cadiz, Spain and CIMA of the University of Algarve.


Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA)

By nature, CIMA a multi­disciplinary unit that explores the connections between environments, processes and human populations using scientific methods coupled with state­of­the­art modelling techniques. Apart from research, CIMA places a strong emphasis on training and education, as well as providing consultation services, digital applications and scientific information to the scientific and public domains. CIMA activity is focused on 3 general aims: 1. scientific research; 2. training at Masters and PhD level and 3.

Sagremarisco and Center for Marine and Enviromental Research (CIMA)

- Cristina, S., Cordeiro, C., Lavender, S., Priscila, G., Icely, J., Newton, A. Seasonal and inter-annual variability water leaving reflectances and water products in the SW Iberian Peninsula during MERIS mission, in preparation.

- Cristina, S.V., D’Alimonte, D., Goela, P.C., Kajiyama, T., Icely, J., Moore, G., Fragoso, B. D.D.F., Newton, A., Standard and regional bio-optical algorithms for Chlorophyll a estimates in the Atlantic off the southwestern Iberian Peninsula. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sesning Letters, in preparation.