Center of Oceanography (CO)

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Address: Centro de Oceanografia Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa Campo Grande, 1749-016 Lisboa, PORTUGAL

Telephone: (+351) 21 7500148


The Centro de Oceanografia (CO) is a multidisciplinary research unit of the national R&D system, whose main host institution is the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), the other host institution of this Centre being the University of Évora (UE).

The main research lines of the Centro de Oceanografia are the following: 

  1. - Oceans and climate: Circulation and structure of the Northeast Atlantic; Dinoflagelate cists as marine paleoclimate proxies; Impact of climatic changes on marine fauna; Ecology of deep hydrothermal vents.
  2. - Oceanography of the continental margin: Circulation in the Gulf of Cadiz and in the Strait of Gibraltar; Dynamics of the upwelling structures and filaments; Internal waves and respective effect on mixing processes and primary production; Phytoplankton dynamics of Portugal and Antarctic coastal waters; Correspondence between remote sensing ocean color and in situ photosynthetic pigments; Monitoring of harmful algal blooms in marine environment. 
  3. - Estuaries, lagoons and coastal zones: Time variability of river plumes in the NW Iberian shelf; Influence of the physical processes on the pelagic larvae dispersal; Fish populations’ connectivity within ecosystems; Physical and biochemical processes on the Tagus estuary; Role of microphytobenthos and phytoplankton in the estuarine ecosystems; Salt marshes: function and structure; Rocky shore communities: function and structure; Functional role of the algal communities. 
  4. - Fisheries and aquaculture: Fish stocks/populations discrimination using DNA and parasitological techniques; Production and optimization of marine organisms in aquaculture. 
  5. - Conservation of natural resources, environment and pollution: Fish monitoring using biotelemetry techniques; Use of biomarkers and multimetric indices for the evaluation of coastal systems ecological quality; Impact of contaminants, infrastructures and alien species on the aquatic ecosystems; Conservation of critically endangered species; Monitoring of benthic and planktonic alien marine species; Harmful algal blooms (life cycles, toxin profiles and systematics).

Ana Brito

Ana Brito joined the Centre of Oceanography (FCUL) in January 2010 as Post-doc Fellow.

Carolina Sá

Carolina Sá joined the Centre of Oceanography in 2005 and her research interests are related to biological applications of ocean color satellite data.

Vanda Brotas

Vanda Brotas is Full Professor in the Department of Biology in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

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