Bruno Dias Duarte Fragoso


Address: Gambelas Campus - University of Algarve  8005-139 FARO - Portugal 


Short Biography: 

Bruno D.D. Fragoso had studied Marine Biology at the University of the Algarve. Main interests are related with marine ecology, aquaculture and fisheries. In 2005 joined the Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA). During 2005 to 2007 at Sagremarisco Lda. participated in the CRAB project (EU project) related to marine biofouling.  In 2009 worked in IMAR-Coimbra, (ReConnect project, FCT). identifying phytoplankton of the Mondego River Estuary. In 2011 joined CCMAR to work with seagrasses (Metabolismo project, FCT). Currently he is at Sagremarisco Lda. to work in Aqua-users project (EU project), and is now in the MACOMA Phd programme.


Sagremarisco - Viveiros de Marisco Lda (SGM)

Sagremarisco Lda  is located  at Sagres on the extreme SW of the Iberian  peninsular. The company operates at the interface between industry, education and scientific research.   
Industry:  technical support for the local aquaculture industry and fishing fleet; also, provides facilities for marine trials of materials under development for maritime use.
Education: provides equipment and human resources for coastal field studies by both local and foreign universities, and other educational institutions.


Sagremarisco and Center for Marine and Enviromental Research (CIMA)

- Cristina, S., Cordeiro, C., Lavender, S., Priscila, G., Icely, J., Newton, A. Seasonal and inter-annual variability water leaving reflectances and water products in the SW Iberian Peninsula during MERIS mission, in preparation.

- Cristina, S.V., D’Alimonte, D., Goela, P.C., Kajiyama, T., Icely, J., Moore, G., Fragoso, B. D.D.F., Newton, A., Standard and regional bio-optical algorithms for Chlorophyll a estimates in the Atlantic off the southwestern Iberian Peninsula. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sesning Letters, in preparation.